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Logo Usage


This is the preferred format for the corporate logo. This format should be used for all full color or 2-color printed material and the web.

Isolation of the corporate logo

The area of isolation is defined to enhance the visibility. Making sure that a reasonable amount of space surrounds the entire logo enhances the presentation of the corporate symbol. The area of isolation is measured from the outermost edges of the entire logo. The area of isolation equals the width of the vertical line in the letter “t.” Avoid using any new letter or strong character pattern near the corporate symbol even if it is in conformity to the isolation standard.

Minimum logo size

If used in too small a size, the corporate logo could be weakened, detracting from the image the company wishes to convey. To prevent this, a minimum size has been determined for use of the corporate logo. Do not use the corporate logo in any size smaller than the minimum shown below.

Kubota Blue*

Along with the corporate logo, the color of the corporate logo is another important factor that needs to be consistent with the core of Kubota’s VI Design System. The corporate color was established to project the corporate attitude and identity by means of a color field and to differentiate itself from other corporations.

Computer image editing software often changes color values. Please make sure that all color values used for final web content are checked for accuracy.

* Kubota Blue can only be used with the corporate logo and cannot be used on any other words.

Pantone Color 320C

HEX #009999

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