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Kubota Leadership

Toshiyuki Taneda

Kubota Corporation

General Manager of Engine Division

Toshiyuki Taneda joined Kubota Corporation in 1989, with a strong background in mechanical engineering. Honing his skills at the forefront of Kubota’s business, Taneda grew to become manager in 2007 and general manager in 2014, leading the development of large displacement engines, hybrid engines and electronically-controlled small diesel engines (TVCR). Taneda continues to oversee Kubota’s Engine Division well into 2023.

Tomokazu Matsushita

Kubota Engine America Corporation

Tomokazu Matsushita is president of Kubota Engine America and a longtime partner of Kubota over the last decade. Receiving his bachelor’s degree in engineering, Matsushita quickly became an optimist for the future of combustion engines. His presence led to several new engine developments over the last few years. In future applications, Matsushita highlights the approval and use of alternative fuels, like hydrogen, HVO or GTL. “The way to a carbon neutral society is not one way. And we want to show as many ways as possible to our customers around the world,” says Matsushita.

Carolina Pham

Kubota Engine America Corporation
Senior Marketing Manager

Carolina Pham is a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in the industrial engine industry. She began her career in a sales support role at Kubota Engine America, and through her dedication and industry knowledge, progressed to senior marketing manager. Her expertise spans various aspects of marketing, from brand identity to advertising campaigns, giving her an impressive 360-degree view of the industry. Under Carolina's leadership, the company has built a comprehensive marketing department that is driving Kubota’s large-scale success.


Kubota Engine America (KEA) started as an engine division of Kubota Tractor Corporation in 1982. The Engine Division was dedicated to the sales and reinforcement of technical support of the expanding industrial diesel engine market in the United States. Kubota Corporation and KEA pioneered the compact, high-density diesel market as an alternative to small gasoline engines. In response to the continued rise in diesel engine demand in the US market, KEA was formed in 1998 as an independent company and a subsidiary of Kubota Corporation and is headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Kubota is the world’s leading manufacturer of both compact diesel and gasoline engines, for industrial, agricultural, construction and generator applications. The company has built an extensive engine and generator distribution network with more than 700 dealers in North America, South America and the Caribbean to support its customer base. Kubota prides itself on its track record for reliability and engineering that fulfills its “For Earth, For Life” philosophy.

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